Please, come in...
There have been some changes to the decor of the home since the present           owner has moved in, so we will try to update photos in the near future.
The Downstairs...

Upon entering the home on the ground level, one finds himself in a large reception hall.  To the right is the "Cornwallis Room" (image at right), so named because it is the original living room where most activities would have taken place.  The deep window sills are especially interesting because one can see just how thick the walls really are!  The walls and floors are original heart-pine and the fireplace hearth is local blue granite.
The kitchen displays heavy wooden beaming across the ceiling, and, since it is also an original part of the house, it has the deep window sills.  Most everything else has been altered through the years.  The downstairs kitchen sits directly behind the "Cornwallis Room".

To one's left upon entering the home is a gentleman's sitting room.  This wing of the house was added after the Revolution by Captain Buchanan.  It has been locally noted that this sits on the site of the original horse stables.

Counter-clockwise from top/right photo:
The LaFayette Dining Room, to the left when entering the house on the second floor, is part of Buchanan's addition to the home and is reflective of the style of the Regency Period.
The Buchanan Ladies' Salon, to one's right when entering the home on the second floor, is in the original part of the house and is where Buchanan and his wife, Sallie, set up the first Methodist church in Winnsboro.
The second story entry hall displays a nineteenth century "pier" mirror that originally hung in the Lace House, across from the SC Governor's Mansion.
Straight through the entryway lies the main kitchen in a section of the home added in the early twentieth century as a bedroom.
The second floor- on the proper front door of the home -displays the official seal of the National Register of Historic Places.